Saturday, October 15, 2016

Those post-race blues

Today I want to talk real quick about something that I feel is not mentioned enough to people who are either: young aspiring athletes training alone, or just your average person training for a race or other physical event,.

Post-race depression

Yes, this is a real thing, and yes I've been through it too. Now, like regular depression there are different levels, and mine certainly wasn't bad, but I still wanted to share my thoughts on this issue.

After my first two races I was pumped to work on my weaknesses! I knew where I had failed and couldn't wait to see how I could improve before my next event. I trained hard, and before my first Battlefrog I followed a 6 week plan to a T, and put in everything  had during those workouts. It paid off, and I was pleased with my performance and finish time. 

I kept up my training since I was doing another Battlefrog just a few weeks after that, on June 23rd, I think. That one didn't go quite as well, but there were some other things going on with me that contributed to that.
That's probably when I started to notice the blues. My next race wasn't until August 6th, and it felt like forever away! Not to mention I was thinking I'd be doing it alone, and even though I was super excited to do it, I was feeling tired and run down. I kept training hard but would decide to take more rest days here and there. That is NOT a bad thing, don't get me wrong, but as I've said before, I love my training sessions so this was out of the norm for me.
Well, Race day came and and went, I ended up with two team members, and had an absolute BLAST! Even if I did feel like dying a few times.....

However.....that's when it hit. I had spent so much energy and time training and now it was over. The week after that I took a much needed week long recovery, only walking, and doing yoga when I felt like it. Then that week turned into almost another week. My usually very healthy diet pretty much went out the window too. I would start out the day good, but by the time lunch came, I would munch on the kids sandwich remains, snack on pretzels, bits of cookies, etc....I never all out binged, but just munched all day long. I would do a quick 15 ish minute HIIT workout here and there, but still just wasn't feeling it.

And then I signed up for the Spartan Beast.

For me, that's all it took to re-light the fire. I now had a goal and date for said goal. By the time I signed up, dooms race day wasn't far off. I had to get hustling! I've been running much more than usual, and working on grip strength like my life depends on it. 
I have exactly one week until go time. Then I'll race, and once again it will be over.

But,this time I have a plan for afterwards, and I think this will be a game changer for me.
If any of this sounds familiar to you, whether it be race related, or really any event, then let me give you one piece of advice....


Before you even reach said event, or the end of a big project that you've been putting a lot of focus into determine your next course of action. Otherwise you'll lose all momentum, and unfortunately, objects at rest stay at rest. I'm working towards being a beachbody coach, and I bought the 21 Day Fix Challenge pack. That way I can have my nutrition still stay on target and hopefully not munch, and munch, and munch..... :) The workouts will be easier than what I'm used to but I can still make them challenging for myself by keeping my weights heavy, or even omit them if I need a break.. I think the most challenging part of the Beast will be the mental aspect, and having a game plan for after is a relief.

I think this might end up being my last race of the year, (sadly), and 21 will give me plenty of time to determine my next plan of action.

I'll be starting my 21 Day Fix on in a few weeks and hope to get a challenge group going. That way there will be accountability, some extra motivation, and the chance to encourage others who might be struggling in the same way as me. :) If this sounds like something you'd enjoy, shoot me a comment, and I can get you  more information. :)

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail | YouAnew Lifestyle Nutrition:

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