Saturday, March 18, 2017

CF Open 17.2

Out of the four Open workouts we have completed, 17.2 was my least favorite.

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I groaned when I saw we once again had 35 lb dumbbells in our workout. -_- 
I can't do a single muscle up, but decided to go for RX and see if I could get even one in.

Let me tell you, when I heaved those dumbbells onto my shoulders for the lunges I wobbled, and it was all I could do not to fall over! They were too heavy for me to hold off my shoulders, and I spent more time trying to get them somewhere less uncomfortable than I did lunging. By the end of the TTB on the first round my grip was SMOKED! By the second round I was doing sets of 2 and shaking my hands out. I could barely hold onto the bar, and it took everything in me to hold on for that last rep.

I got to be THAT person on the lunges, growling (for lack of a better word) during every rep, and not so gracefully dumping the weights off my shoulders at the 25' mark. On my very last lunge I came down and pushed and pushed before my legs decided to work and I came back up again. Haha. I was so slow that as I wobbled my way back to the bar I had only about a minute left on the clock to try to get a muscle up. I tried and tried and tried, but my kip wasn't powerful enough, and I could feel myself sliiiiiiiiding off the bar.

When we finished I felt like Popeye. At some point I had torn a callous on my hand and my hands were shaking so bad I couldn't open my band aid.Actually, trying to hold anything felt almost impossible.

It seemed pretty short, although still painful, but honestly I thought it was kind of boring! lunges and TTB..... If I had been able to do muscle ups it probably would have been more fun, but I couldn't, so this workout was kind of "Meh", in my humble opinion.

I still had a good time cheering others on, taking pictures and hanging out, but I'm glad that one is done.

Ughhhh....those dumbbells.....

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