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CrossFit Open 17.1 {aka: DEATH}

Week 2 of the Open has just finished, and athletes around the world are preparing for week 3.

If you aren't familiar with The Open, athletes from everywhere, of any age, or fitness level can enter and "compete" to see where they stand in their box, age group, region, around the world, etc. Literally anyone. Your Grandmother could do it.
For those wanting to go to the CrossFit games, this is the first step in getting there. The top 20 of each category, from each region then they go to Regionals and then to the Games.

One workout gets released every week for five weeks. You are judged on each workout and submit your score online. It's a fun way to push yourselves, get a taste of what it's like to compete and you are doing the exact same workouts that the elite athletes are doing. You may be slower, but you're going into the same pain cave that they are. It's pretty cool, and also very.....painful.

I was super excited to sign up for the Open, especially since I would actually have a box to do it with! Everything is better with friends, right?

Friday night we were going to have a get together at IMUA CrossFit, do the workout, have snacks, and just have a good time. I was super excited.

Thursday night found me eagerly watching the  17.1 announcement wondering what the "funishment" was going to be. DB snatches and burpee box jumps. That doesn't look too bad. I watched the live FB feed as two of the top male athletes battled it out and finished between 9-10 minutes. 
Being the overachiever that I am, I thought, "I bet I can do that in 15 minutes."

Friday was crazy, and I went into town early for work, a childcare shift at the box, errands, then came home and did a trial run of a recipe for an event. I realized I'd had hardly any water during the day, and crashed on my bed feeling tired and just "blah".

I ate something then got ready to head back out the door, not ready at all for what I was about to put my little body through.

I arrived late, and a group was just about to finish up the workout. All the pictures I had seen from athletes doing this showed them collapsing on the floor afterwards, breathing heavy, and looking fried. The scene that met me when I walked through the door wasn't much different.
I watched as on gal worked on her last few Snatches, and BJUs, and wondered why everyone looked so BEAT. Was it really that tough? I got more nervous the longer I waited. If they looked like toast what did that mean for me? No backing out now though......

I started on my warmup, but mostly just went through the motions, my head was not in the game at all. Big mistake

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I had decided to do the RX'd version, not scaled, and got my little station set up, along with three others. I have never snatched a 35lb DB, (I  had only used a 25) so I was a bit nervous about how that would go.


My first huge mistake was flying through the first set of snatches and burpee box jumps. After that first set I hit a wall. Mentally and physically. I already felt like I was going to throw up, and I kept wanting to quit. I didn't care what anyone else thought. I was done. My coach at the moment would never have allowed that though. and I painfully made my way through the next set of snatches at a much slower pace. I was going so, so, so slow.
I can still hear the voice of my judge....
"Drop and go Emily.....just drop and go. Don't stop."

Easier said than done.

I sent her running for my water bottle, and I sat on my heels feeling worse than I ever have in my life. I was dizzy, tired, so thirsty, and DONE. This is  no fun! Who's idea was this??? 

I no longer cared about finishing in 14 minutes. My whole goal was to not throw up. Haha.
With each repetition that my judge counted I could feel a little part of me dying inside. If I were a swearing person, I would have been swearing.

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There really are no words to describe how I felt.....to bad it's not like something out of 'Star Trek' and you can sense the pain and agony. Lol. This was my last set of 50 snatches, and it was horrible.

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You're given a 20 minute time cap to complete the workout, and if you don't finish, each rep is a point so you total up your points at the end.
I took so many breaks during this that when we ran out of time I had 16 snatches, and my last set of BXOs, giving me a total of 194
I was SO glad to be done with that.

I collapsed on the ground and rolled around in agony, not sure what part of me felt the worst. I could literally taste blood in my mouth, my lungs were on fire, and my vision was not the best. The others who went at the same time as me got off the floor, and chatted, ate pizza and cake, and looked completely normal. Me? I was shaking so bad that if I stood up and leaned for the tiniest bit my whole body was basically convulsing. I couldn't' even eat cantaloupe without feeling nauseous. Lol

I had never pushed myself that hard before, and I didn't plan to again. 

It took a log time, but I was eventually feeling well enough to drive myself home, where the hunger kicked in and I wanted to eat everything in sight.

Now, as I have mentioned before, I am competitive, and the fact that I didn't finish in the time cap didn't sit well with me. As I lay in bed that night I made up my mind to do it again. I hydrated really well the next couple days, and Sunday night I lay in my bed coming up with a game plan.
Right off the bat I needed to go slow, so I wouldn't burn out. If I could maintain a steady pace I knew I could finish based off of how many breaks I took the first time. I seriously think I spent as much time resting as working. Lol. Step up with both feet before jumping on the box, versus jumping my feet forward then up. It might take more time, but would save energy. Stay low on the box, and turn around as I jumped off. 
All little things, but little things add up to be a lot in the end.

When I woke up early Monday morning I wondered once again why I was doing this, and was it worth it? Yes, it was.
There were three of us waiting to do it at the box. two re-do's, and one gal was doing it for the first time. I watched and cheered on the first gal, then it was mine, and Bri's turn.

I waited nervously for the countdown once again, but this time my head was in the game, and I was ready. Maybe my time wouldn't be the best, but I was GOING to finish this thing!

My strategy worked really well, and I kept a steady pace throughout the whole thing. It was still tough and I was breathing hard, but I never felt like passing out, or throwing up. A couple quick sips of water were necessary, but I kept it brief and continued on. 
It was a bit of a blur but I remember kind of wanting to quit at one point, but told myself the sooner I finished, the sooner it was over. Duh.
I remember my judge telling me to break it into sets of 10 if I needed on my last set of 50 snatches, but I could taste the finish and just kept going.
I remember trying to smile through the pain, and finding that it actually helped.
I remember focusing on my breathing. steady, steady, steady......

But I will never forget my finish. It was in the last minute, and I moved onto my final set of burpees. My feet hurt, my legs felt like lead, and kind of numb, but a cheering section had gathered and everyone was screaming at us to go faster, not stop, and finish this thing! Because of them I somehow managed to get up after every burpee, and jump onto that box. If you have never done CrossFit and experienced this awesome community, I feel sorry for you! 
I finished at the absolute last second, and accomplished my goal. My previous failure made this victory that much sweeter.

copied from my FB page

Want to know my favorite part of this video? Not my * wonderful * athletic capabilities,(or lack thereof), not the fact that I finished at the last second, beating my score from last time, but the screaming in the background encouraging me to keep going. The enthusiastic high fives. The happy dances being performed. The fact that everyone was just as thrilled as I was that I finished.
I haven't been part of IMUA long, but these guys already feel like family.
I accidentally trimmed the video wrong, but I left it, because I love that even though I'm laying half dead on the floor, everyone else is celebrating.

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I chopped off E's head because I could barely hold my arm up afterwards. Lol
Sweaty, but happy, and made awesome new friends. :)

I'm so glad I decided to re-do.Not only to prove to myself that I could do it, but also because it showed me the camaraderie among this group of people that you will never find at any other gym. I literally is like my second home. 

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